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Life can sometimes be quite challenging and throw up all sorts of dilemmas; counselling can be very helpful during these difficult times. I feel many of us need assistance or support at some point in our lives and sometimes speaking to friends or family may not be enough as they may be too personally involved with us. It is during these times I am able to help you through counselling.


Painful experiences from the past, difficulties in the present and fears about the future may hinder our ability to find and achieve satisfaction. Counselling can help people with feelings of loneliness, confidence issues, anger management, relationship problems, addiction, loss and bereavement and many other dilemmas we face in life.


My counselling practice offers a range of different counselling models, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Person Centred Counselling. I am also able to incorporate Mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help with anxiety, sleep problems, depression and various other issues.


I have carried out extensive training in loss and grief and worked for a large charity as a bereavement counsellor for many years. When we hear the word loss we often associate this with a bereavement, but loss can include the breakdown of relationships, losing our independence, unemployment, declining health etc. so it can cover a wide range of difficulties that we encounter throughout our lives.


In the counselling session I will work warmly and sensitively at your pace to assist you in moving forward with your life.  Please feel free to email me on clarekeel@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 07984 138277 or 01329 482184 and I will be happy to answer any queries you may have.



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